New: registering via WebDIV

Since 1 April 2019, it is possible to register vehicles imported from the EU via WebDIV


This procedure is only possible if all following conditions are met:

1. Your vehicle has to be a category M, N or O.

M: cars and buses

N: (light) trucks

O: (semi)trailers

Categories T, C, R and S (agricultural tractors, tracked vehicles and agricultural trailers) are excluded.

2. Your chassis number must contain 17 characters.

3. Your vehicle needs to clear customs. Go to the nearest customs office with the documents of the vehicle and the purchase invoice.

4. You need to pre-register your vehicle. Visit the website for FPS Mobility and Transport and have your electronic identity card ready.

5. For used vehicles, an inspection for the purpose of selling needs to be done (administrative or used vehicle inspection).

If all these steps are carried out in this order, the registration can directly be made by the insurer.