Word from the President


The philosophy of the Autosécurité Group, as well as the innovative approach it takes to the problems associated with road safety in particular and mobility in general, were begun by our Chief Executive Officer, Mr Albert Halleux, who died on Sunday 13th August 2000.

Mr Halleux devoted his life to developing our group, as well as to promoting the areas we work in throughout Belgium and the whole world.

He left his mark on all those who knew him for his intelligence, his combative nature and his never-ending search for excellence.

He always defended, both nationally and internationally, the merits of the third-party principle in the area of the technical inspection of vehicles as being the only guarantee of independence and objectivity.

Emmanuel Halleux, his son and current Chairman of the Board of Directors, as well as the whole of the Management Board, take particular care in ensuring that these values are maintained, promoting them throughout the company’s corporate culture. The quality of customer service was his constant leitmotiv; re-engineering and improving processes were his watchwords.

The Management Board.