The (original) documents you must bring with you for the periodic inspection:



  • INSURANCE CARD(International insurance card)


What to do in the event of the loss or theft…

... of the registration certificate?

Go to the police to obtain a declaration of loss and then contact your insurer. The DIV (Vehicle Registration Department) will send you a duplicate of the certificate if it is a European format plate. If the request for a duplicate relates to a registration certificate for an old-format plate, the DIV will issue you with a new European format plate and the accompanying certificate via bpost for a charge of € 30. Don’t forget to return your old plate to the DIV so that it can be taken out of circulation.

… of the certificate of conformity?

If the certificate of conformity was issued by a technical inspection centre on completion of an approval procedure, please send your request to our supervisory authority. Therefore, you should follow the procedure described on the website of the SPW.

… of your most recent technical inspection certificate?

If you are the owner of the vehicle, the inspection centre will produce a duplicate and make a charge at the rate in effect at the time, on presentation of the registration certificate or the original declaration of loss issued by the police.
If you are no longer the owner of the vehicle, please send your request, accompanied by proof of ownership (invoice, copy of the registration certificate, payment receipt relating to the tax for your vehicle), via our contact form.

… of the technical card?

For a duplicate, please contact the manufacturer or its representative.

… of the identification report?

No duplicate will be issued. In the event of loss or theft, the vehicle will have to be presented again and a new report drawn up.

These documents must be in your vehicle at all times and you are in breach of the regulations if they are absent. In the event of loss or theft, please obtain an original loss declaration and carry out the various administrative procedures as soon as possible.


Does your vehicle have to be presented for a technical inspection?

In order to avoid fraud, we are unfortunately unable to accept documents that are copied, faxed or scanned.

If you are having a periodic inspection, a declaration of involuntary dispossession may replace the document(s) lost or stolen. Provided your vehicle does not have other defects, you will be issued with a technical inspection certificate with validity limited to 3 months. Your vehicle will then be subject to an additional inspection.

Vehicle inspection


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The Autosécurité Group combines the two former operators, “Bureau d’Etude et de Contrôle en vue de la Sécurité Routière” (Autosécurité S.C.A.) and “Bureau d’Inspection Automobile” (B.I.A.).

As an accredited private body, we have two main aims:

The technical inspection of motor vehicles and the organisation of theory and practical tests for gaining a driving licence. Added to this are road safety, accident prevention, and driver training and awareness, as well as the reduction of polluting emissions associated with mobility.

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