#Periodic inspection

Periodic inspection

The following types of slow tractors are not subject to periodic technical inspections. These vehicles need only be presented in the event of a change of owner.

• Tractors whose MAM does not exceed 3,500 kg

• All tractors used exclusively (as declared by the customer):
– for farming, horticulture, forestry or fish farming;
– road managers or their subcontractors

In other cases, tractors are subject to periodic inspections according to the following rules:
• Every 2 years if the MAM is greater than 3,500 kg but does not exceed 7,500 kg
• Every year if the MAM is greater than 7,500 kg

#Registration inspection

Registration of a new vehicle

Immediately after registering a new vehicle and before it is placed on the road, you must present it at the inspection centre for a full inspection, as well as to be weighed.

Registration of a used vehicle

If you are registering a used vehicle, an administrative inspection is required before it can be registered in the name of a new owner. After registration, you are required to present your vehicle for a full inspection, as well as to be weighed.

Identification report

Following your visit, an identification report will be drawn up, covering the following details:
• Tare (unladen weight)
• Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM)
• Masses that can be towed
• Load capacity (maximum load mass that may be carried by the vehicle)

#Re-inspection/additional visit

If your vehicle has been given a technical inspection certificate with a limited validity, a re-inspection must be carried out at the same centre to check that the defects noted have been repaired.

Please present your vehicle within the period stated on your technical inspection certificate. If this period is exceeded by 2 months or more, you will require another full inspection.

#Administrative inspection

Before registration in the name of a new owner, only the documents of the vehicle need to be presented for an administrative inspection so that the registration application form can be completed and approved.

After registration, the new owner will be required to present the vehicle for a full technical inspection, as well as to be weighed.

#Importing a vehicle

The 705 label from the customs office has been replaced since February 4, 2019, by an electronic information called ‘e-705’. The latter is sent to the Vehicle Registration Department office (DIV) directly. The registration application form, however, can only be obtained from an inspection centre.

Approval inspection

For vehicles already registered in another Member State of the European Union and that have a European approval number, the European certificate of conformity (COC) is not required. This means that these vehicles are exempt from the approval inspection and may be presented directly for a used vehicle inspection in any of our centres.

All other vehicles must have a Belgian or European certificate of conformity. Where applicable, you can obtain this certificate from the official importer for the make of vehicle, or on completion of a special approval inspection at an inspection centre with authority to carry out such inspections.

For more information about this type of inspection, we advise you to contact our customer service department on 087/57.20.30. To make an appointment (which is compulsory for this procedure), call 087/39.39.49.

Administrative inspection

If there is a change of owner, an administrative inspection must then be carried out. Making an appointment is not possible for this type of inspection. Please present yourself spontaneously at the inspection centre of your choice.

Provided your vehicle passes the technical inspection, a label will be issued and placed on the registration application form. Your insurer can then affix its official stamp and lodge your registration application with the Department of Vehicle Registrations (DIV).

To register a new vehicle or for re-registrations in the name of the same owner, a used vehicle inspection is not necessary. All processes will then be carried out with your insurer.

Inspection after registration

After registration, you are required to present your vehicle once again for a full technical inspection, as well as to be weighed.