Our quality policy


The aim of the Autosécurité Group is to implement and support the organisation of its services, focusing on constant improvement, maintaining the skill of its employees at a high level and satisfying the needs of its customers.

Autosécurité is ISO 9001-2015-certified.


Our missions


  • Performing technical inspections of vehicles and measuring pollutant emissions ;
  • Performing tests in order to obtain a driving licence


Our commitments


We attach the greatest importance to the qualifications of our staff and their drive to achieve excellence in the service provided to our customers.

As soon as they join us, our staff become part of an ongoing learning process (training courses, certifications…). This enables them to keep updating and expanding their skills.

We ensure that the equipment and infrastructure at the disposal of our staff and our customers are constantly evolving.

This wealth of expertise allows us to assess the pollutant emissions and the eco-driving.


We do everything we can on a daily basis to keep on improving the service we provide by better taking your wishes and requirements into account. This is done in particular by:

  • Improving management of waiting times – for example by the way appointments are made, which is constantly improved, by the use of webcams and by our host managers who welcome you;
  • Reducing waiting times for driving tests;
  • Ensuring the protection of personal data
  • Guaranteeing the well-being of our staff.


Our measuring equipment is maintained and calibrated regularly by our maintenance department.

It is also monitored externally by the ‘metrology’ department of Vias institute.

By implementing ongoing corrective, preventative and enhancement action plans, we are able to offer you services that meet your requirements.

The various indicators, satisfaction surveys and the results of internal audits are examined annually and compared with targets. This enables us to adapt the components of the quality management system so that we can keep on improving it.


Our aim is to ensure that:

The inspection certificates issued correspond with the actual condition of the vehicle at the time it is presented;

Applications for driving licences reflect the driving skills and aptitude expected of the candidate at the time of his/her test;

Inspections and tests are consistent across the whole organisation..

Our values


Excellence, Innovation, Team spirit, Impartiality and Accuracy form an integral part of our mission statement.

It is important to underline that:

  • Our decisions and actions reflect the highest requirements when it comes to professional ethics. Autosécurité is independent of all parties and has no interest in the items inspected. Our staff are not subject to any commercial, financial or other pressure ;
  • All of our inspection and examination centres are accredited and audited by the Wallonia Public Service (sites located in the Walloon Region );
  • Autosécurité Management is on its guard at all times to prevent the risk of corruption among its members of staff.


We are always listening to you so that we can adjust our services better to meet your needs. If you have any suggestions or observations about the way we work, please let us know by completing the contact form available from our website (FAQ).