Cookies data


Connection and cookies data

1. Connection data

We make a record of information relating to connections you establish with our websites and Internet applications, as well as about the software and hardware you use to do so. This information includes your IP address, the time you viewed/visited the website, the type of browser and hardware used, as well as the pages visited.

This information is used to produce statistics and to improve the quality of our website and our general service. When you visit our sites and online applications, we may make use of information about your browsing habits on our sites and online applications.

Our sites and online applications may contain hyperlinks to websites that are not managed by Autosécurité. These hyperlinks are provided for information purposes only.

Should you decide to visit these sites, we advise you to read their privacy policy carefully. Autosécurité cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for the accuracy of these third-party websites.

2 Cookies

2.1 The use of cookies on the Autosécurité website

A cookie is a computer file containing information about the way the visitor behaves when browsing a site. With each user session, the site creates a unique encrypted key for the session. This key contains no sensitive information about the user. Its aim is to tell the server that a browser is in the process of navigating the site.

Thanks to these cookies, we are able to recognise the user, strictly anonymously, when each visit is made to our website. They also enable us to adjust the content of the pages to suit the visitor’s profile. Some of these cookies can be deactivated, while others cannot be. This is to ensure the site works properly.

The site uses different cookies to:

  • Make it easier for users to navigate the site;
  • Collect browsing statistics for Google Analytics;
  • Guarantee the security of the site.

We use different security cookies to verify the status of the user (robot, spam, etc.). These cookies are created automatically by WordPress and are essential for ensuring the security of the site.

The site, which runs in WordPress (using PHP), automatically creates a session cookie for the user browsing the site. This cookie allocates a unique identifier to ease user session. The only way of deactivating / deleting this cookie is to deactivate all of the cookies on the site and hence harm the proper operation of the site. This cookie contains no sensitive information and is designed to tell the server that someone is browsing the site.

Some cookies are optional, such as the user’s preferred language, as well as storage of the connection password (encrypted) so that users do not have to re-enter their details on each visit, etc. This type of cookie is there to improve the user experience and make the site easier to navigate. They are not essential for the site to function properly.

Tracking cookies make it possible to analyse use of our site and to generate statistics. Analytical cookies are used to compile anonymous statistics about your browsing habits and to gather information about your activity online on websites. As this is not the case, you will not be identified personally and all of the information gathered will only be used in an aggregated form to draft reports.

The site uses Google Analytics, an audience analysis service for websites, provided by a third-party company (Google). Google Analytics installs cookies in order to analyse use of the site. Google Analytics uses cookies to define user sessions, as well as to provide a certain number of key characteristics in its reports (traffic on our site in order to measure its effectiveness, etc.).

For more information about the security of the cookies used for Google Analytics: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2838718?hl=fr.

You can decide to deactivate or block cookies from Google by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser. In that case, it may be that you will not be able to use all of the functions of our websites any more.

Autosécurité declines any liability regarding the cookies used by the third-party sites referenced on our website.

2.2 Changes to our cookies policy

Autosécurité reserves the right to modify and update its cookies policy at any time. Changes to the cookies policy come into effect at the time details are posted on this website. Further use of this website means that you accept these modifications in full.

2.3 Security and length of retention

Each cookie is made up of a number of parts, 3 of which are of interest to us: the name, value and expiry date. Cookies do not identify a specific individual, but the combination of a user account, computer and web browser.

Cookies expire and are not sent by the browser to the server in the following situations:

  • When the browser is switched off;
  • When the expiry date has passed (average of 1 year);
  • When the expiry date has been modified (by the server or the website) to a date in the past;
  • When the browser deletes the cookie at the user’s request.


Technical cookies are kept for a period of 14 days.

Cookies cannot delete or read information from the user. They are there to detect the pages visited and to store browsing information (language, acceptance of cookies, identifiers, etc.).

2.4 Should you allow or block cookies?

When you visit our website for the first time, we inform you of that fact that we use cookies and that these cookies are placed on your computer’s hard drive. A link is also provided to this tab, by way of information.

If you agree with the use of cookies, you will no longer receive a message when you next visit our site. Most Internet browsers are also set to allow cookies automatically. However, you may modify these settings.

If users configure their browsers to block the use of cookies, they can still use the website. As a result, the server will not receive any information about the user and is unable to store any trace of the user’s visit.

Groupe Autosécurité is unable to guarantee optimum access to all of the site’s services if the registration of cookies is blocked.