Vehicle sold

To enable this information to be recorded at all levels, i.e. by the DIV, the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport and by all technical inspection organisations, there are two possibilities:


  • Either you go and register another vehicle: this is only possible for European format registration numbers beginning with “1” to “9” (for example 1-ABC-003). If it is an old registration number, it will have to be cancelled.


  • Or the registration number will be cancelled from the registration directory. For that to happen, you can:
  • either take your official number plate, without wrapping, to a bpost office (not a post point),
  • Or deposit your number plate, without wrapping,  in one of the boxes provided for this purpose at the office counters and sub-offices of the DIV. The DIV stopped cancelling number plates at its office counters on 1/11/2013. These boxes can only be accessed during opening hours. The number plates are then taken to the Cancellation department.


You will then receive an attest for cancellation via bpost, which you need to send to your insurer. Make sure that this attest for cancellation is safely received to be certain that the number plate has reached the Cancellation department. This notice is the proof that your number plate really has been cancelled. Afterwards, if you do not receive this notice within a month, contact the DIV to obtain a duplicate of the attest for cancellation. We can confirm that there are no other steps to take if you have received an attest for cancellation and you will no longer receive an inspection notice for this registration number.