How the test works

If you wish to drive on your own before taking your final practical test, you must pass the technical driving ability test.

You must first have a valid pass certificate for your theory test and your risk perception test.

Tests are by appointment, at the examination centre of your choice.


The test consists of:

- a simplified technical inspection of your vehicle by the examiner;

- an assessment of your driving on the road, lasting 30 minutes;

- performing a driving manoeuvre on the public road, drawn at random from: a 3-point turn, stopping on the left or right of the road, perpendicular parking on the road, either going forward or in reverse, reversing in a straight line.


The cost of the technical driving ability test is 60 €.

When you pass this test, the examination centre will issue you with a driving aptitude certificate, which will enable you to obtain a provisional driving licence valid for 18 months, so that you can drive on your own in the car before the final practical test.

If you fail, you cannot take the test again on the same day. After failing twice, you can only present yourself for the test after attending at least 6 hours of practical driving lessons via an accredited driving school.