How the test proceeds

A number of new features were introduced to the practical test from 1st July 2018:


This test, carried out on a computer before the beginning of your test, consists of defining your level of skills on the road after your driver training. A list of skills is displayed on the screen. For each statement, you are required to score, from 1 to 5 (very good), the level you believe you have reached after your driver training. This evaluation will not affect the result of your test. The examiner will look at your self-evaluation on completion of the test. It will enable the examiner to objectify the final debriefing.


New driving manoeuvres

As part of your test, you will be required to perform two manoeuvres on the public road. The first of these, which is mandatory, is performing a stop on the left of right of the road. The second is drawn at random by computer from the following manoeuvres:

3-point turn

Reversing in a straight line

Parking perpendicular to the roadway, going forward

Parking perpendicular to the roadway, in reverse.


Independent driving

You will be required, for a period of 10 minutes, to drive on the public road, directing yourself (i.e. without the examiner telling you which direction to take) and using the road signs. If there are no road signs, the examiner will intervene. The start and end points of this independent driving test will be given by the examiner.