Opening hours

Our inspection centres are open from Monday to Friday, excluding statutory public holidays (open in the event of an extended public holiday [‘bridge’]). To find out opening times, click here and select the inspection centre of your choice.

With some exceptions, our inspection centres are open until 5.00 pm (last vehicle accepted at 4.40 pm). This means that inspectors begin their final inspection of the day at 4.40 pm. Nevertheless, depending on the workload, the site manager may sometimes be obliged to refuse entry to the inspection centre for vehicles that will not be able to be inspected on that day. This avoids customers having to wait unnecessarily when they will not be seen that day.

Provided an appointment is possible for your type of vehicle and the type of inspection required, we suggest that you make use of this free service to limit your waiting time and to ensure that you are served on the day of your choice.