There are two categories of driver disqualification:

1 ) Disqualified with licence retained: 

The test imposed by the Public Ministry (theory and/or practical test) can be taken either privately or through a driving school. In the first case, the practical test takes place without private instructor/accompanying person.

The candidate can take the category B practical test with a vehicle fitted with automatic transmission, even if he/she got his/her driving licence with manual transmission. The candidate can then retrieve his/her original driving licence.

The disqualified candidate with licence retained does not have to pass a (new) risk perception test.

2) Disqualified without category B driving licence:

Attending 12 hours of category B theory lessons at a driving school is mandatory to be able to take the theory test.

10 hours of category B practical lessons at a driving school are mandatory to be able to take the practical test, which must be taken with the driving school’s vehicle.

Your local council offices will then issue a 36-month provisional driving licence. After the course (minimum 3 months), the disqualified candidate will obtain a category B driving licence.

Making an appointment

The theory and practical tests for re-admission to driving are held at an accredited examination centre. Appointments can only be made via our customer service number on 087/57.20.30.

If the theory and practical tests are imposed by a judge, they need to be taken in order.

Except for cases where the court has determined otherwise, the candidate must take the re-admission tests for the “highest” category indicated on his/her driving licence.

On the day of the test

The disqualified candidate must go to the examination centre, taking his/her disqualification notice sent by the Public Ministry.

After passing the tests, the examination centre issues a pass document (participation document).

This document must be presented:

either to the clerk of the court to recover the original driving licence if the disqualified person is permanently re-admitted for driving (he/she must have passed any psychological and medical tests required);

or to the person’s local council offices if a probationary driving licence is to be issued following the results of the psychological or medical tests.

Once the period of disqualification has expired and all of the re-admission tests have been passed, the disqualified candidate will regain his/her right to drive. He/she may then recover his/her driving licence. When this is the case, the person in question can recover his/her original driving licence lodged with the clerk of the court.