LPG/CNG inspection

Is your vehicle powered by LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or CNG (compressed natural gas)? In this case, in addition to the basic technical inspection, it is subject to a specific LPG/CNG inspection.

Is the vehicle factory-fitted with an original LPG/CNG installation?

In this case, this extra inspection will only be performed during the first basic technical inspection (periodic, secondhand…).

The regulatory checks linked to this kind of installations must be carried out by an authorised installer before the vehicle undertakes a technical inspection.
A CNG installation for example must undertake a visual check on the tanks before it is 4 years old! Contact your vehicle dealer or an authorised installer for information.

Is the vehicle retrofitted with a non-original LPG/CNG installation by an authorised installer?

The vehicle must be presented within 30 calendar days in one of our inspection centres to check on the conformity of the installation and notify the competent tax authorities, regardless the year of the vehicle or its use.

In case of periodic inspections

The inspection of the installation will be carried out during the periodic inspection.

Does the installation comply with the regulation?

If the installation meets the standards, a label shall be issued and affixed to the windscreen of the vehicle. If any defects are reported in terms of the LPG/CNG equipment, the vehicle will receive a certificate with a limited or no validity; this is the case even if the vehicle is in good condition and is not powered by gas anymore.

Has the installation been removed?

The removal must be carried out by an authorised installer who will issue a specific removal attest. The vehicle must then be presented within 30 calendar days in one of our inspection centres, independently of any other technical inspection.