Joining Autosécurité means…

At least 6 good reasons for working with us!

Contribute to road safety

At Autosécurité, we focus on road safety, preventing accidents, training (future) drivers and making them aware of the issues surrounding road safety. These are all vital topics that are gradually becoming part of the general public’s day-to-day road safety habits. This may be through the technical inspection of vehicles or by organising quality driving tests as part of the process of gaining a driving licence, etc. As inspectors and examiners, you will play an active part in the safety of Belgian drivers on the road.

Take your career up a gear

To enable us to respond to the increasingly specific nature of our trades and to give you the opportunity to develop within our organisation, we are constantly expanding and upgrading our training courses, as well as our refresher courses and e-learning offering. We also have our own training centre. As soon as you join us, you will become part of a continuous learning process (training courses, certifications) and this will give you all the keys you need to progress in your career. We also focus closely on mobility within the organisation and will give you the opportunity regularly to diversify the work you do, as well as to work on projects involving various departments.

Be part of a business and dynamic teams

To enable you to carry out your work in increasingly efficient conditions and to improve the satisfaction of our customers, we are constantly developing tools, software and equipment that meet the needs of new developments in technology. You can also rely fully on the team spirit that exists at our various sites and between departments. To promote this convivial working environment, a number of different events are organised by and for our staff members (Family Days, sporting challenges and so on).

Work close to home

We have 25 inspection centres and 11 examination centres located across Wallonia as well as a central office. This means we are able to prioritise you working close to your home and in so doing we can give you a better work-life balance.

Go about your work in total safety

Your safety and wellbeing are our priorities. We have been safeguarding staff welfare for a number of years through our prevention policy and the implementation of practical programmes dealing with safety and psychosocial risks. Aware of the air quality at our sites, we invest in ventilation/extraction/filtration systems that are increasingly effective. We also conduct programmes to measure air quality each year.

Enjoy numerous benefits

In addition to an attractive salary, we also offer a package featuring numerous fringe benefits (meal vouchers, gift vouchers and eco-vouchers), as well as various types of insurance cover (hospitalisation, group insurance, etc.).