Category AM

A category AM driving licence is required for drivers of mopeds, scooters and light motor-powered with a maximum engine capacity of 50 cc or a maximum rated power equal to or less than 4 kW (electric motors) and whose maximum speed does not exceed 45 km/h.

Remember: if you wish to take the practical test using your own vehicle, you are not allowed to drive it yourself to the examination centre!

Did you know ?

  • Holders of a category B driving licence may also drive a category AM moped or scooter.

  • A category AM driving licence is not required for drivers of mopeds or scooters with a maximum engine capacity of 50 cc and with a maximum speed of under 25 km/h.

  • If you were born before 15/02/1961, a category AM driving licence is not required.

Theory test

If you wish to obtain your category AM driving licence, you first need to pass a theory test. The test is made up of 40 multiple-choice questions. To pass, you need to score a minimum of 33 points out of 40.

To prepare for your test, you can choose between taking theory training at an accredited driving school or doing self-learning training.




Theory lessons
6 hours
Minimum age to take the theory test
15 years 9 months
15 years 9 months

Practical test

To prepare for the practical test, you will need to undertake practical training through an accredited driving school.

  1. Theory test
  2. 4 hours of practical lessons, including 2 hours on the road
  3. Practical test on private land

Lists of documents you mustn’t forget to bring with you:

Person taking the test

• Identify card
• Practical training certificate issued by an accredited driving school
• Pass certificate for the theory test
• A signed DOC 102 form, detailing the physical aptitude of the person taking the test. This form can be obtained from our examination centres.

The test will take place on condition that if you have the out-of-date identity card with you and can present a receipt issued by your local council offices proving you have applied for renewal. The application for a provisional driving licence and/or full driving licence will be retained in the database at the examination centre and will only be issued on presentation of a valid identity card. Without the receipt, the test will not take place.


• Green card (insurance)
• Certificate of conformity
• Registration certificate (if the vehicle is registered)

All documents must be the originals, as well as be valid.
If you are missing any documents, the test will not take place and you will automatically be charged an administrative fee of € 8.