Condition of the vehicle

A ‘Condition of the vehicle’ document is similar to an inspection certificate, but does not have a period of validity.

A ‘Condition of the vehicle’ document is issued in the following cases:

An imported vehicle, inspected at the inspection centre as part of the approval procedure.
A vehicle presented spontaneously at an inspection centre by a customer, independent of any mandatory inspections, in order to ascertain the condition of the vehicle. This inspection does not in any way modify the cycle of periodic inspections for the vehicle in question.
Vehicles belonging to the Federal Police.

Avoid late-presentation penalties

To avoid receiving a late-presentation penalty, you should make sure that the validity date of your inspection certificate has not expired.

What happens if the vehicle does not have a valid inspection certificate?

Additional fees

The Royal Decree setting the charges for vehicle inspections states that an additional fee must be charged if a vehicle is presented late for inspection. This amount varies, depending on how late the vehicle is presented. Please see the schedule of fees in the Charges tab.

Late presentation also means that you will forfeit the right to claim any “bonus” to extend the validity of the certificate to 2 years.

Police inspections

If, during an inspection carried out by the police, your vehicle is found not to have a valid inspection certificate, an infringement notice will be issued.

Right of recourse by the insurance company
If you drive on public roads without being covered by a valid inspection certificate, your insurance company may, if you have an accident, take action against you and invoke its right of recourse, except where:

If you are on the normal route to go for a technical inspection centre;
If you are on the normal route between the inspection, your home and/or a repairer;
If you are on the normal route to present the vehicle again at the inspection centre after a repair.