Our appointment application is evolving

More modern and intuitive, it enables now to make, change or cancel your appointments in a few clicks.


Customized and simplified management

Simple and secure: from your account, identify the members allowed to make appointments. Are you managing appointments for several companies? The procedure and access management are now easier.

Become a professional client

The professional client accounts are restricted to garage-owners and companies that regularly present vehicles.

Do you meet these conditions? Fill in the form or contact our call centre at 087/39.39.49.


Your data will be checked and you will receive an e-mail inviting you to activate your account.

How to use the new platform?

Follow the manual to make appointments. If you have any more questions, check the frequently asked questions of our professional customers: Technical control > FAQ > Professionals.

Did you already have an account linked to our former VIP portal?

The companies that made more than 5 appointments during the first quarter of 2020 were automatically transferred to the new application. You don’t need to contact us. An e-mail explaining the procedure will be sent to you.

For the other companies, a new professional client account request has to be submitted. The existing appointments in the VIP portal were imported unaltered into our new system.

I received an invitation email. What should I do?

It means that you have asked for a client account at Autosécurité or that the owner of the client account wishes to grant you access in order to manage the appointments of his company.

Thanks to this access, you will be able to make, change or cancel the appointments.

Click on the link in the invitation email to accept access to the application.

Choose your login and password (click on New User at the bottom of the white window) or use the authentication via your Google or Microsoft account.

How can I make an appointment online?

Go to our appointment portal and connect to your professional area (on the top right of the home page).

Select the business unit for which you want to make an appointment.

Select the reason for inspection / type of inspection you want.

Enter the postal code or the name of your city/municipality to find the inspection centres the nearest to you.

Indicate the date you wish to have an appointment. The dates on which appointments are still available are underlined in orange.

Select your time slot. If none of the time slots is suitable, you can change the date or the centre. The system will then show other options.

Check that your appointment summary displayed on the right does match what you wish. You always can go back to change the entered information.

To go back, click on the top of your screen:
• ‘vehicle’ to change the vehicle for which you want an appointment
• ‘Reason for inspection’ to change the type of inspection you want
• ‘Appointment’ to change the centre or the date/time

A confirmation with all details will be sent to the email address of the business unit for which the appointment was made.

How can I cancel/modify my appointment?

You can change/cancel the details of your appointment via the link at the bottom of the appointment confirmation you received by email.

Click on the link and follow the steps described hereunder.

You can also modify/cancel your appointment via your professional account.


Consult our general conditions for the professional appointment portal and our privacy policy.

Warning: the following behaviours are prohibited:

– Circumvent the rules and criteria in force regarding the reservation ceilings and the conditions for allocating appointments in the selected category;
– Make improper, fraudulent and unjustified use on the part of the customer of any personal information belonging to a third party (license plate, etc.), in the absence of the latter’s explicit consent, in order to obtain any advantage whatsoever, or to exceed the allocated appointment capacity, by creating fictitious reservations;
– Systematically and repeatedly present vehicles whose chassis numbers and licence plates do not correspond to those given at the time of booking;
– Transfer, by the customer, of any previously agreed appointment, for the benefit of a third party and in return for any consideration whatsoever.

This list is non-exhaustive.