How do you benefit from this service?

To become an account customer, you are invited to complete the application form online.

Please note that if you already have a professional appointment account, you need to point out if you want to change the type of access you have*.
*See Article 3 of the General Conditions

Application form

Following your application, we will invite you to open a direct debit order. If you are a legal person governed by public law, a public institution or a legal entity with a public service mission (municipal administration, police zone…), we invite you to state it in the application form. In this specific case, our company will send you an agreement before opening any direct debit order, in order to formalise the terms and conditions of this service. 

As soon as we receive confirmation from the bank, we will mail you a purchase order model to print for each inspection (no photocopy).

When presenting your vehicles for a technical inspection, your drivers must present the purchase order, in its entirety, pre-completed by you.

The person at the service window will give your driver one of the 2 sections of the purchase order, plus the inspection certificate. The other section will be retained by the inspection centre and then sent to our central accounts department so that your monthly invoice can be drawn up.

Inspections will be invoiced on a monthly basis and the total for the month will be debited from your bank account approximately 10 days after the invoice is mailed.

Any doubts about using your purchase orders?

It should be noted that you are solely responsible for the use of the purchase orders sent to you by Autosécurité Group. If at any time you have any doubts regarding the use made of your purchase orders, please notify the accounts department without delay so that your account customer number can be blocked:

Autosécurité S.A.
Service Comptabilité
Avenue du Parc 33 – Z.I. Petit-Rechain
4800 Verviers
Tel: 087/57.20.30


Consult our general conditions for the credit customer service and our privacy policy