After the floods of July 2021, the Minister for Road Safety, Madam Valérie De Bue, has taken exceptional measures to facilitate some administrative processes and enable victims to preserve their mobility.

Technical inspection

For the customers whose registration certificate mentions one of the following postal codes: 4031, 4050, 4800, 4870, 4830, 4860, 4870, 4910, 5580, no penalty for late presentation will be charged.

Is your municipality not in the list? All customers who can prove by all relevant means that their vehicle cannot be temporarily used because of the floods, can also benefit from this measure by informing the inspection centre when passing the vehicle and producing the relevant documents.
If the late-presentation penalty has already been paid, a refund procedure can be launched via following form:


Extra evening openings can potentially be organized locally to meet the increased demand of used vehicle inspections and enable the replacement of the damaged vehicles. We will keep you informed of their organization in some inspection centres.

Driving licence

Candidates affected by the floods can postpone, free of charge, their already scheduled appointment. No penalty for late cancellation / non presentation will be charged. Be advised that the waiting times to have an appointment are currently long.
The measure also applies for candidates who already postponed their appointment.

Your official documents are lost? To take the theory or practical test, you need a certificate  attesting that you asked to renew the documents delivered by the council offices. This measure only concerns the identity card and the provisional driving licence of the candidate.
If you pass the test, the application for an official driving licence will be kept in the examination centre’s database and will only be issued on presentation of the original documents.